CvT's involvement in the Department's curriculum

Terminologie en vertaaltechnologie -  (Terminology and Translation Technology)

This is an obligatory course unit for all students of the Master of Arts in Translation (recognized by the EU as an EMT master). Students are introduced to the principles and practice of terminology, terminography and terminology management systems. The course also covers other aspects like: terminology mining, term extraction, translation memory and alignment, localization (introductory), machine translation (introductory) etc.

Students are introduced to a variety of programmes and gain hands-on experience with SDL Multiterm, SDL Trados Studio,  Wordfast Anywhere, memoQ and other software. They have to hand in two assignments as part of their course assessment.

The course unit is taught in Dutch

CvT Staff Members Carine De Groote and Els Lefever are in charge of this course unit.

Terminology and translation technology -  XTTT

This course unit is available for exchange students and for students of the postgraduate courses CALM and Dutch and translation. The unit deals with theoretical as well as practical issues of terminology and computer-aided translation.

This course unit is taught in English

CvT Staff Members Els Lefever and Carine De Groote are in charge of this course unit.

Inleiding tot de vertaaltechnologie  (Introduction to Translation Technology)

This is an obligatory course unit in the Bachelor in Applied Language Studies.

This course unit is taught in Dutch and uses blended learning

CvT Staff Member Els Lefever teaches the terminology module within this course unit.

Masterproef - MA Dissertation

The CvT's main involvement in the Facuty's curriculum is its support for the master theses in all three of the Faculty's Master programmes:

  • in the Master of translation, the emphasis is on the compilation of termbases for use by translators
  • in the Master of multilingual communication, the emphasis is on termbases contributing to uniformity in corporate text writing (including multilingual websites)
  • in the Master of interpreting, the emphasis is on designing termbases that can be of direct use in an interpreting context and from which an interpreter's glossary can be derived.

A site on the College's electronic learning environment gives elaborate guidance to students who are preparing a terminological thesis.

All CvT's Staff Members are involved in the supervision of terminological MA dissertations. Some also supervise Bachelor papers on terminological subjects.