IATE-CvT Project

The aim of the IATE-CvT project is to contribute to specific domains of the EU’s multilingual term base IATE on the basis of in-depth research into restricted sets of concepts. The research is done by Master students in the context of their MA dissertation and is supervised by CvT staff as well as by EU terminologists (DGT and Council).

After validation, selected results can be entered in IATE.

Origin of the project

The project was conceived in 2010 in the context of an EMT network activity. EMT stands for European Master’s in Translation, a quality label awarded by the European Commission to university translation programmes that meet agreed professional standards and market demands.

When EMT members were invited to suggest ways of co-operating between EMT universities and the EU, the CvT filed a proposal for a terminological project involving student contributions to IATE. The proposal was accepted and in academic year 2011/12 the first two MA theses were written in close co-operation with the Dutch language department of the DGT.

By October 2013, the first three dissertations were available for presentation during a poster session at the Third Translation Studies Day of “Translating Europe” in Brussels.

Further development: Termraad Academy

As further theses became available, the Termraad Nederlands took an interest in the project. The Termraad is a partnership between the Dutch Language Council and the translation services of the EU and the Dutch, Belgian and Flemish authorities.

Their interest and that of others led to a significant broadening of the project. Since 2015, IATE-CvT is part of a large project, now called Termraad Academy, involving several Dutch and Flemish universities and a number of institutional translation services, who have also begun to offer internships for the contributing students.

The CvT has been happy to share its early experience with the new partners and to help the broader project grow.

Partners in Termraad Academy

Universities: KULeuven Antwerpen / KULeuven Brussel / UAntwerpen Campus Zuid / UGent – CvT / VUBrussel / Zuyd Hogeschool Maastricht / Rijksuniversiteit Groningen / Universiteit Utrecht.

Translation services: Dutch language department of the DGT, Dutch language unit of the Council of the European Union, (Vertaaldienst van de Vlaamse Overheid), (CdT Luxemburg), (Benelux Unie).

Other: Interinstitutionele Termraad Nederlands.

To facilitate co-operation, project managers as well as contributing students exchange information via an online platform (Ufora).

Focus of research

Not all the contributions in the project are purely terminographic. Broader topics like analysis of theoretical topics, comparison of term extraction tools etc. are equally well covered as long as they focus on IATE-related issues.

Because of the involvement of Dutch language departments and the Termraad, Dutch plays an important role in the research. Special topics of interest include: domain loss; differences between Dutch terms as used in the EU, the Netherlands and Belgium; neology and diachronic variation in the use of terms.

MA Dissertations contributed by UGent students

Jill Verkoyen, IATE-CvT JV New climate terms en, nl, it May 2012
Laura Ameel, IATE-CvT LA Impaired assets nl Aug 2012
Ellen Van Causbroeck, IATE-CvT EVC Pharmaceutical en, nl May 2013
Johan Bjurstam, IATE-CvT JB Cybercrime en, nl, de, sv May 2015
Anke De Prijck, IATE-CvT ADP Cybercrime en, nl, es May 2016
Jens Van Nieuwenhove, IATE-CvT JVN Aviation en, nl, de Aug 2016
Eline Vermeiren, IATE-CvT EV Cybercrime en, nl, de Aug 2016
Evelien Uyttersprot, IATE-CvT EU Intellectual property rights en, nl, es May 2016
Katrijn Lauwaet, IATE-CvT KL Geothermal energy en, nl, de Aug 2016
Laura Roukaerts, IATE-CvT LR Energy balance en, nl, es May 2017
Sara Cuypers, IATE-CvT SC Corruption en, nl, de Aug 2017
Indy Maes, IATE-CvT IM Cybercrime en, nl, it Aug 2018
Rosalie Schipper, IATE-CvT RS Climate engineering en, nl, fr Aug 2018
Amber Praet, IATE-CvT AP Cultural heritage en, nl, es May 2019
Lisa Olivier, IATE-CvT LO Trains & rail infrastructure en, nl, fr May 2019
Hanne Rogge, IATE-CvT HR Financial terminology en, nl, fr Aug 2019
Jo De Brie, IATE-CvT JDB Carbon pricing en, nl May 2020
Celine Buytaert, IATE-CvT CB Climate change en, nl, de August 2020
Maurits Minne, IATE-CvT MM Heritage terminology en, nl August 2020
Robin Espenhout, IATE-CvT RE Schengen Information System en, nl, ru June 2020
Marieke Haenebalcke, IATE-CvT MH Nuclear fusion en, nl, fr May 2021
Claudine Segers, IATE-CvT CS Transport / Climate en, nl, de May 2021
Jody Matthijs, IATE-CvT JM Cultural heritage en, nl, de August 2021
Sofie Garré, IATE-CvT SG Climate change adaptation en, nl August 2022
Lucedy Kariman, IATE-CvT LK Internet of things en, nl August 2022
Ward Franco, IATE-CvT WF Domain loss / gain (EU) en, nl August 2023

CvT staff involved in the project (present and past)

Joost Buysschaert, Patricia Vanden Bulcke, Bart Defrancq, Sonia Vandepitte, Sonia Michiels, Petra Campe.

Relevant publications by CvT staff

Vandewaetere, S. “EU-terminology: languages united in diversity? A case-study of Dutch EU texts on education” in Moderne Sprachen 57 (1), 2014, pp. 7-21.