As part of its mission, Ghent University offers a number of (paid) services to the community. The Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication restricts itself to services that do not involve unfair competition to its own graduates, and that do not stand in the way of the Department's other tasks.

The CvT's share in the Department's services relates to:

  • limited terminographical tasks
  • in-service training and refresher courses (CPD - Continuing Professional Development)
  • academic consultancy



  • (2008) Automatic construction, validation and manual completion of a thesaurus for the company Vartec

Academic consultancy


  • (2004- ongoing) Advice on aspects of the IATE termbase, in the context of the seminars for the Council of the EU mentioned below.

  • (2001-2005) Subcontracted research on language recognition, word filters and e-dictionaries for KULeuven's

In-service training and refresher courses


  • (2013 - 2016) Two-day seminars on terminology for translators of the European Commission (DGT), Brussels and Luxembourg. (For exact dates, see the News page)
  • (2004 - 2017) Two-day seminars on terminology for translators of the Council of the EU, Brussels. (For exact dates, see the News page)
  • (2011) Terminology modules for the courses Interact.J and Getuigschrift juridisch vertaal- en tolkwerk. In co-operation with other partners.
  • (2009-01-26 to 2009-02-04) EU TERMINOLOGY SEMINAR 2009 for MGIMO / ESI. In co-operation with College of Europe, Bruges and invited speakers.
  • (2008-11-18 & 21) Terminology seminar for the Translation Coordination Unit of the Secretariat General for EU Affairs of the Turkish Republic. In co-operation with College of Europe, Bruges.
  • (2008-09-15 & 16) Two- day seminar on terminology and terminography. TulkoŇ°anas un Terminoloģijas Centrs, Riga, Latvia.
  • (2008-09-02 to 2008-09-05) Host of one of the CLP courses of TILP.
  • (2007-03-28 & 29; 2007-03-21 & 22; 2007-01-31 & 2007-02-01) Two-day IATE training seminars for translators of the European parliament, Luxembourg
  • (2004-05-08) One-day Wordfast Workshop for the BKVTF.