ELeCT - Electronic Lexicon of Communication Terminology

ELeCT is the summary version of the EDiCT Termbank (= CERP Project plus EDiCT Project) compiled since 1990 at the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication of Ghent University (and the Department’s predecessors). The lexicon covers over 800 concepts in the fields of Public Relations, Advertising, the Media, the Printing & Allied Trades and lists terms in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Hungarian.

The project originated when CERP, later Euprera, suggested turning the "GLOSSARY OF PUBLIC RELATIONS TERMS IN 7 LANGUAGES" (ed. M. Nally and published by CERP) into a full-blown termbank covering 5 languages. Once the original project had ended, further concepts and languages were added, including Hungarian equivalents contributed by Berzsenyi Dániel Főiskola (later University of West Hungary).

At regular intervals, simplified extractions from the rich termbank have been published under the name ELeCT, first on CD-ROM and later as downloadable software, developed by BIKIT, later Vartec and ADM Solutions. The present, expanded online version was developed in-house.

The lexicon is based on extensive research into primary and secondary sources, for the most part conducted by language students under the guidance of their thesis supervisors.

The EDiCT project was discontinued in 2016/17 but the online version of ELeCT allows the editors to continue to supply additions and corrections.

For information on the project behind this lexicon, see the EDiCT-page on this site.

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